We are getting more and more interest from clients within Ealing and with a reputation as ‘the Queen of the suburbs,’ there are many opportunities to expand up, out, and sideways in many homes within the borough.


We offer loft conversions, refurbishment and renovation, home extensions and basement conversions throughout Ealing including the districts of Acton, Bedford Park, Dormers Wells, East Acton, Greenford, Hanwell, North Acton, Northolt, Norwood Green, Park Royal, Perivale, South Acton, Southall, West Acton and West Ealing.


We are professional builders who work throughout Ealing and whether you're looking for a loft conversion in Acton or a house extension in Ealing Broadway we'd be happy to advise on your options.


SQUAREBAKER Construction & Design are builders in Ealing and have an extensive knowledge of building and construction in the borough. I

n the area bordered by Gunnersbury Avenue, Pope’s Lane and Ealing Green there are opportunities for rear house extensions and loft conversions on roads such as Warwick Rd, The Grove and Grove Rd.

Among the pitched roof houses of the borough loft conversions to the north of Ealing Broadway on roads such as Gordon Rd and Woodville Gardens can be undertaken subject to obtaining the relevant planning permission if permitted development guidelines do not apply.

Large, open plan rear house extensions are popular in Ealing Common, South Ealing and West Ealing and SQUAREBAKER are builders who are happy to talk you through your options and give you a rough idea of cost, whether you want a loft conversion on Cleveland Rd or a house extension on Windermere Rd.


Loft Conversions in Acton are popular among the terraced streets where there may be more opportunity to extend upwards then outwards. Loft conversions in Acton Central within the roads bordered by Horn Lane, Acton High street and St Dunstan’s Avenue are popular, and loft conversions are common on roads such as Cumberland Park and Churchfield Rd.

As builders in Acton we also offer rear home extensions and basement conversions in Acton subject to planning permission. In Perryn Rd and East Acton Lane amongst the pitched roofs we can offer loft conversions and advice on planning where applicable. SQUAREBAKER are builders working throughout Acton and we will be happy to advise you on your build options and give you a rough idea on loft conversion and general building costs in the area.


Builders in Hanwell are well placed to work within permitted developments guidelines and rear house extensions and loft conversions are popular in Hanwell. There is scope for home extensions on the roads off of Greenford Avenue such as Shakespeare Rd and Drayton Bridge Rd and loft conversions in Hanwell are also popular. We can give you a rough idea of cost within a day.


SQUAREBAKER are builders who work within Northolt and Greenford. As builders with knowledge of building in Greenford  we know the area bordered by Ruislip Rd, Ferrymead Avenue, Ferrymead Gardens and Oldfield Lane has opportunities for loft conversions and house extensions.

Hip to gable loft conversions where permitted can be a great way to add more space to your property on roads such as Greenford Gardens and Rosedene Avenue.

Builders in Northolt such as ourselves offer loft conversions, rear and side house extensions and basement conversions. If you need a builder in Northolt please contact us to discuss any project you may have in mind, or if you just want a rough idea on how much a house extension or loft conversion will cost we will be happy to let you know.


SQUAREBAKER Construction & Design build throughout the borough of Ealing and we can offer you a full design and build package for your project, or a build only package if you already have a builder in place.




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SQUAREBAKER Construction & Design, Ealing.

We design and build throughout Ealing


We offer all in one design and build packages throughout the borough of Ealing. If you already have an architect then we also offer a build only option.


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We offer all our services throughout Ealing, including:

- Loft conversions

- Rear and side house extensions

- Basement conversions

- Design and planning services

- General refurbishment


- Renovation and remodelling

- Commercial building

- Planning applications

- Interior fit-out

- Project management