We offer loft conversions, home extensions and basement conversions throughout Haringey. We can also draw up and submit planning applications to the Haringey planning department on your behalf.


Loft conversions in Haringey are popular in Wood Green and the surrounding areas such as West Green and the Haringey ladder. A typical loft conversion on Pellatt Grove for example would cost about £15-25,000 depending on specification.


Builders in Highgate, Crouch End and Muswell Hill have more scope for bigger, deluxe projects such as basement conversions and open-plan rear extensions, we'd be happy to discuss any projects you may be thinking of.

There are possibilities for loft and basement conversions in Crouch End in the area bordered by Stapleton Hall Rd, Crouch Hill and Tottenham lane and there are a number of developments ongoing on Inderwick Rd and on roads leading off Ferme Park Rd such as Mount View Rd and Weston park.


As builders working throughout Haringey we would be happy to go through your options, whether that may be a loft conversion in Wood Green, or a house extension in Muswell Hill.


As builders in Crouch End we also offer loft conversions and house extensions in the Priory Park area. The roads off of Middle Lane such as Rokesley Avenue and Elmfield Avenue as well as the roads off of Priory Rd such as Nightingale Lane and Redston Rd all offer opportunities for builders to undertake rear extensions, basement conversions and loft conversions.


In Highgate SQAUREBAKER Construction offer loft conversion, house extensions and open plan basement conversions as well as general building work and there are opportunities for builders in roads off of Archway Rd such as Shepherds Hill, Chomeley Park and there are loft conversion and house extension opportunities in and around North Hill and Broadlands Rd. We can also refurbish your flat or house in Highgate and the surrounding areas.


Muswell Hill has traditionally had many builders working within its tree lined borders and house extensions and loft conversions in Muswell Hill are not uncommon working within permitted development rules. Basement conversions in the roads within the Dukes Avenue, Colney Hatch Lane, and the Alexandra Park Rd boundary are more and more popular as well as general building work including rear extensions and refurbishments.

Builders in the Cranley gardens area can sometimes find it tricky to get planning permission for major structural works on roads such as Cascade Avenue and Rookfield Avenue and in turn interior refurbishments are popular here. Loft conversions and rear extensions are popular on Ellington Rd, Cranley Gardens itself and Wood vale as well as the adjoining roads. SQUAREBAKER will be happy to talk you through your build and planning options throughout Muswell Hill.


Builders in Wood Green can usually build loft conversions within permitted development rules and without any need for separate planning permission.  Rear house extensions are popular in Wood Green and in the area bordered by Lordship Lane, Westbury Avenue and Wood Green High Rd there are a number of loft conversion, home extension and basement conversion opportunities on roads such as Moselle Avenue, Morley Avenue and Farrant Avenue in Wood Green.


The Tottenham rejuvenation continues apace and builders in the West Green and Bruce Grove areas have the ability within permitted development rules to offer loft conversions throughout Tottenham and West Green, as well as rear and side house extensions, without needing to apply for any special planning permission from the Haringey planning department.

The roads off of Philip Lane such as Mount Pleasant Rd, Gloucester Rd and Kitchener Rd have seen an upturn of loft conversions and general building work in the area such as rear and side house extensions.


Builders in the Bounds Green area of Haringey have long been active in the area, constructing loft conversions and house xtensions in Bounds Green is commonplace and loft conversions on roads around Brownlow Rd such as Goring Rd and York Rd are popular, as well as home extensions off Bounds Green Rd on roads such as Nightingale Rd and Park Avenue.


SQUAREBAKER Construction are designers and builders who work throughout Haringey and we offer Design & Build packages, as well as a build only package if you already have an architect in place.



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We offer all in one design and build packages throughout the borough of Haringey. If you already have an architect then we also offer a build only option.


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