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This project has been featured in numerous architecture journals and publications, as well as gaining national attention by featuring in the Sunday Times. Architect Simon Astridge describes the project:


Standing on a crescent near Highbury Fields, this project is a three-storey Victorian terrace, which has undergone a remodelling to become a home for a scientist and her family.


The house was stripped back to its raw state in order to unpick its original features and dissect the building’s structure. Modest construction materials are woven together with the existing fabric, bridging the original features with unassuming interventions. These materials are also often used as a final finish, chosen for their humbleness and textural depth to fit the moderate budget. Internal revealing of materials has amplified the potential of the building and expanded the possibilities of using the house.


Victorian staircases, brickwork and timber stud work were all retained to sit alongside a contemporary palette of terrazzo, timber and pastel paints. The extended ground floor was tightly woven into a dense fabric of Victorian houses. The issue of the new ground floor extension being overlooked was addressed by puncturing a sole round window in the white brick wall. The circular window frames the view towards the garden and blackberry shrubs. Singular material differing from the rest of the house was sought for the kitchen area, the embodiment of homemaking. Terrazzo rendering itself suitable, the hard-working surfaces of the kitchen were wrapped with large slabs, that reminded the owner of looking through the microscope.

LOCATION: Highbury

PROJECT: Complete refurbishment, rear extension, loft conversion 

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